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Hidden Gems in Zoom

Insider tools to help you feel more confident

Hidden Gems On Zoom


You don't need to dread virtual meetings. Over the past year, I've led virtual events for clients every single week.

Now it's time to reveal insider gems to help you feel more confident in your next virtual meeting.


Let's enhance your Zoom experience -  starting now! 


Have a loud computer fan or other constant noise around your workspace? Turn on this feature. Your meeting colleagues will thank you!

How to:  In the Zoom app, click on the gear in the top right under your picture. Then click on Audio from the left menu, and choose your preferred level, ranging from low to high.

This is a great option to turn on, in case you’re joining a meeting late or only need to listen to the presenter.

How to: In the Zoom app, click on the gear in the top right. Click on Audio from the left menu, and choose "Mute my mic when joining a meeting."

Zoom Audio Settings


Same as above - get yourself settled before you turn your camera on.

How to: In the Zoom app, click on the gear in the top right, then click on VideoThen select "Turn off my video when joining a meeting" from the menu of options. (See graphic below)

This gives a softening effect to your features. (Yes, please!)

How to: From the settings, click “Video”, then click the “Touch up my appearance" box, and adjust the slider bar. 



Lighting is key for a good virtual meeting. If you're working in a darker room or basement, be sure this box is checked. There is an auto or manual option. Find it just below the “touch up my appearance” option.

Zoom Video Settings

Share Screen 

Want to share your screen (or music!) during a meeting?  Click the Share Your Screen box located at the bottom of your screen while in a Zoom Meeting.

Got a video or audio clip to share? Be sure to check the "Share Sound" and "Optimize for Video Clip" boxes at the bottom of the pop-up box. I learned this feature the hard way! 

Another cool feature is "Portion of Screen", allowing you to only show participants what you want them to see, and none of what you don't. (Hello cat screen saver!) You'll find this under the "Advanced" tab at the top center of the screen share window.

We’ve all been part of meetings where you hear every email ding and calendar alert. This option turns off all those distractions while you’re sharing your screen.

How to: From the Zoom app, click on the gear, then click on Screen Share on the left menu. Select "Silence system notifications when sharing desktop."  Don't forget to silence your phone too - I hear vibrating and dinging phones on the regular.

Zoom Screen Share


Backgrounds & Filters



BONUS TIP:  Did your Zoom chat fill with tons of juicy resources and links to check out? You can save the chat contents to your device!

How to: In the chat window, click on the three dots in the bottom right corner and select "Save Chat."

Virtual meetings aren't going anywhere, so take advantage of every insider tip you can!  


Looking to hand-off management of your virtual meetings? 

I'm here for you! Reach out at or share how we can help.

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