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So, You Wanna Be an Event Planner?

3 Insider Secrets Revealed

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#1 There's more to event planning than weddings

Event professionals operate in a wide variety of vibrant categories:   


#2 It's not exactly glamorous work. 

Instagram might be full of beautiful parties and lavish décor, but most events aren’t like that. If you're responsible for managing the event or part of the team, you are not having fun AT the event.  You’ll be crawling around on the floor to plug things in, dealing with lots and lots of boxes, sweating, stressing, and looking forward to putting your feet up. Event planning often makes the top ten list for most stressful jobs in the US. That doesn't mean it isn't fulfilling or fun, you just need to know that it's hard work. 


#3 Customer Care is EVERYTHING. 

It’s called hospitality for a reason. You’ll be working with all kinds of people and personalities.  Learn how to anticipate the needs of your attendees and be able to solve their problems with a smile!

Final thoughts as you navigate new career opportunities: 


Truth is, the events industry is a creative and rewarding space to learn and thrive in. We support and encourage one another around here. If you've been considering an event planning career, we'd love to have you in our community! 

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