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Create More Engaging Name Tags

Eight tips to connect your attendees

Engaging NametagsName tags are a key element to any successful event.  They help break the ice for attendees and make the networking process easy. 

"You're from Columbus?  Me too!" 

Two people can quickly find a commonality and start talking.

Event planners are any event's biggest critic, and too many times I've attended an event with less than sufficient name badges.  Here are a few ways to make the name tags at your next gathering work for you and your attendees:


Marco Promotions - affordable nametag paper, badges and ribbons.
PC/Nametag - Unique meeting supplies, including the OneWay Name tag cases, ribbons, and other meeting supplies.

*I receive no compensation from Marco or PC/Nametag - I just think they offer great products.

Have a name tag tip?  Comments?  Share your ideas!

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